Using a unique dual token mechanism, our Tate NFT auction enables disinflationary/deflationary tokenomics. 

NFT holders will also be able to earn rewards for staking, to reward them for removing $TOPG from circulation.


How does the auction work?

Buy/Hold $TOPG

Swap $TOPG for $TATE

Head to the auction page here at (auction page will be live soon!)

Buy NFT with $TATE (876808150)… $TATE returned to TateCoin.algo…

$TOPG is removed from circulation:

Once all NFTs are sold, we will remove the TATE/TOPG liquidity. This means A – we can add the initial TOPG + a portion of the proceeds into the staking rewards pool; and B – we can rebalance the pool for future auctions.

Check out the collection so far at: TateCoin.algo or Algogems