Welcome, TateCoin ASA ($TOPG) is a meme token on the Algorand blockchain. Our mission is to onboard the world into the Algorand ecosystem. #Algofam

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UPDATE: TATE NFT Token is live!



TateCoin Staking

Hold 4.2 TOPG/ALGO Tinyman, Pact.Fi or Humble LP tokens, to receive 12% APR airdropped daily via The Algo Faucet.

You can also stake your $TOPG in either of our two pools at Cometa

No lock staking for TOPG/USDC LP tokens yielding 1,317,305 TateCoin, farmed over 365 days 

Or 30 day locked staking TOPG to earn TOPG, yielding 1,317,305 TateCoin, distributed over 365 days

Note: APY will fluctuate depending on participation

For more information check out how to stake TOPG





  • TOPG has been verified by AlgoExplorer and Pera Algo Wallet
  • Initial Liquidity (ALGO pool) has been locked via Tinylock.org
  • Further liquidity (USDC pool) has been locked into a Vestige.fi vault
  • Staking rewards are live for LP holders and locked stakes
  • 72 OG-FAM NFTs distributed to Discord members
  • TATE NFT auction token minted. Max supply – 1T
  • Airdrop completed (4.33% of TATE supply) to TOPG holders, OG-FAM NFT holders, and discord community.
  • 1000000 (1M TOPG) + 946.67B TATE added to TATE/TOPG LP
  •  26 Pixel Tate NFTs minted



    • Finalize our NFT collection
    • Verify TOPG NFTs on NFTexplorer
    • List on Rand Gallery
    • Auction!
    • NFT staking
    • Second generation redeemable NFTs
    • Merch Store


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