$TOPG ASA ID: 835509686 | $TATE ASA ID: 876808150


20% of the TateCoin supply has been allocated for staking rewards, with ~15% of supply added to our initial rewards pools.

1,317,305 to the Algo Faucet yielding 12% APR on TOPG/ALGO Tinyman LP tokens.

1,317,305 to the TOPG/USDC farm on Cometa farmed over 365 days with no lock!

1,317,305 TOPG to the Cometa locked staking pool, distributing over 999 days with a 30 lock

Cometa farm/locked staking APR will fluctuate based on participation.

Staking rewards for the TOPG/ALGO pool will be distributed automatically via daily airdrop (thanks to the Algo Faucet) to anyone holding 4.2 TOPG/ALGO Tinyman LP tokens.

We have added rewards for Pact.fi and Humble.sh TOPG/ALGO pools also.

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How to get LP tokens

First buy some $TOPG at Tinyman

You can get LP tokens by using the Zap function on Cometa to convert your TOPG + ALGO or USDCa directly into LP tokens. Be sure to select the Tinyman icon!

To add liquidity manually,  simply go to the Pool tab on Tinyman.org

Choose a quantity of TOPG/ALGO/USDCa to add to the pool 

Click Add Liquidity, you will then be asked to opt-in to the LP token. Sign the transaction.

You will then be able to proceed adding your liquidity. Sign the given transaction. DONE!

Now you will start receiving rewards daily, immediately after launch on November 13th if you’ve staked to the TOPG/ALGO pool.


Cometa Staking: Locked + TOPG/USDC LP

If you want to lock your TateCoin you will need to go to the Stake tab on Cometa and select the TOPG/TOPG staking pool

If you want to stake your TOPG/USDC Tinyman LP tokens you must go to the farm tab

Happy staking G’s! 


Note: DYODD – Liquidity pools carry inherent risks.