Here’s how you can buy TateCoin ASA (TOPG token) in a few quick & easy steps.

First you’ll need to download Pera Algo Wallet, or register at MyAlgo Wallet, and create a new Algorand address. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions, to ensure you don’t lose the seed phrase.

Secondly you’ll need to transfer some $ALGO from either a centralised exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or KuCoin, to your wallet. Or deposit directly using Moonpay or Wyre.

Once you have some ALGO in your wallet, you can head over to tinyman to swap it for $TOPG 

The swap confirmation will ask you to sign 3 transactions. 

1. Opting into TateCoin ASA, this lists the asset in your wallet.

2. Sending ALGO to the Liquidity Pool (LP) , this is your purchase.

3. Receiving your TOPG